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     Xslf started in 2013 when i met Jim again after years of not seeing him. I had been doing solo shows for a few years prior and Jim put the idea forward to form a band. We only wanted to play music we were actually involved in and that meant the first three albums. Anything else would have made us a very strange tribute act indeed! Since then we have been writing and recording original music which is being well recieved. Ave Tsarion is our bass player and a big part of the setup including writing music. Some people will never give us a chance because of their own silly bias but so what... We do it because we love it. Thanks to all our fans no matter where you are and we’ll see you out on the road somewhere.


    XSLF Spring/Summer Gigs


    13th Undercover Festival Dreamland, Marine Terrace, Margate.

    14th Black Market VIP Venue, George St, Hastings

    22nd Toner's Dublin, (Henry solo)

    27th Oakley Social Club, Blairewood Terrace,Oakley Dunfermline

    28th Scotland Calling O2 Glasgow aftershow party


    11th Oh-Yeah Music Centre, Gordon St, Belfast

    25th Hilcote Country Club, Hilcote, Alfreton

    26th TBC

    27th Private Party Sheffield


    2nd Private Party London (Henry solo)


    27th Sunflower Festival, Hillsbourgh, N.Ireland (Henry solo)

    28th Scooter Rally Bangor, Co'Down


    4th Rebellion Blackpool (Henry solo)

    10th TBC

    11th The Toll Bar, Nottingham

    24th Fibber Magees Dublin, Late night gig downstairs

    25th Open House Festival/BBA Bangor. Main stage (PIL)

    25th Open House Festival/BBA Bangor. After show party VTBC.

    26th Henry solo, VTBC

    31st Mike The Pies, Listowel


    1st Fred Zeppelins, Cork

    7th The Three Tuns, Gateshead

    8th Cowpen Club, Billingham

    9th The Railway Tavern, Darlington

    14th Dreadnought Rock, King St, Bathgate

    15th The Beat Generator Live, Dundee

    28th VTBC

    29th Cuttlers Arms, Westgate, Rotherham 


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